Nationstar Mortgage / payment plan agreement issues

phx, United States

In December of 2013 I started a payment agreement with Nation star mortgage because of some financial strain that month. I presume to ask the customer service representative many questions none revolved around credit or credit rating. This is something that I should have Asked. I Decided to move forward with this arrangement rolling Decembers payment into the following 3 months. January I made my first payment for this Agreement. February came around and I received a credit Alert. Nation star Mortgage reported that I missed the December payment and late in January. Upon checking my credit this lowered my score More than 50 points.which is now affecting some of my other account using credit. In February I called nation star to confirm whether or not this was an error. I was under a payment agreement. Nation star finally stated at that time, the agreement was only for the late fee which is bull. For clarification I made this agreement with nation star prior to being late in December. So far they have done nothing, and the customer service representative said they're going to do nothing and that I can report it to the credit rating Company and they would denied the claim. At this point I don't know what else to do with the exception of accepting it, and I don't want to any advice? Thanks Matt

Mar 5, 2014

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