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Keep getting calls for past due payments when payments are made ahead of schedule. I had a credit on sept bill of 6.63. My sept bill showed the amount of my mortgage payment minus the 6.63 for a payment of 582.51. I called and verified this with customer service and she said it was the correct amount for Sept due to the credit. I sent in the amount on my statement 582.51. I got a call today that I was past due for Sept. The check was mailed on the 1st of Sept and it cleared my bank on the 9th. When I called they said my check was just sitting there because I did not pay the correct amount of $590.14. I called and told that it would be taken care of. She said she would remove the 29.13 late fee but they never do. I told her I was being harassed with these phone calls for my account being past due. I have never been past due. They never follow through and have poor customer service

Sep 18, 2015
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  • Ic
      Feb 16, 2016

    They did me the same way, and told me I was a month behind in payment. I faxed all my receipts and they said their was nothing wrong. Then afterwards applied the payments and charged me a whole bunch of late fees. Each month is a bunch of late fees. When I pay one late fee the charge another, or they just have it sitting in suspense funds and mail it back to me and tell me I owe them. They don't apply funds correctly, and I sure be glad when I am blessed financially to get out of this horrifying situation.

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  • Ke
      Apr 09, 2019

    Mr. Cooper, Nationstar, is doing the same thing to me. They took over my loan from Seterus I received no notice fro Seterusvthat my loan had been transferred. I was not provided any documentation from Nationstar that they were nowvthe legitimate service provider. Since they were able to confirm my Seterus loan number, I requested written confirmation that they had my loan along with documentation about the loan that I am entitled to. They said the documentation was not currently available and that they would provide it to me. I decided in good faith to make the scheduled payment.
    The online payment portal showed a payment amount much higher than my normal payment. They also listed multiple fees and charges that must be paid. The amounts were hard written in and could not be changed by the customer. You either had to pay what they demanded or not pay at all.
    I mailed a check for my mortgage payment and requested documentation and explanation of the charges.
    The check was cashed and I received back a notice that the money would not be applied to the mortgage but held by them. They also notified me that I was now in default.
    I am filing complaints with all state and federal regulatory agencies and contacting my Congressman to start an investigation on my behalf at the federal level.
    I encourage everyone else to do the same. I will also be filing suit against Nationstar.

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