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this is one of my letter to Nationstar - now known as Mr. Cooper:
I received calls but no written explanation.

I am writing this letter with great concern, stress and frustration! I started the modification process December 2016 and to this day it’s been a nightmare dealing with the incompetency of this company. I am so upset I can barely write this letter. I previously wrote a letter July 5, 2017 with no written reply from your company however I did receive a call from my assigned loan specialist Tawandra Jenkins to advise me the reason for the delay and apologized for the inconvenience it has caused a follow up conversation with Tawandra Jenkins, loan specialist she advised me that due to all the trouble and misinformation I had received from SEVERAL customer service representatives, my interest rate was reduce and there for my new payment would be $1696.50 which would be due September 1, 2017. I specially ask would this be the final adjustment and my permanent payment and was told yes I called the call center and advised the representative that I was trying to schedule my payment for September and the system would not allow me to make the payment. The representative told me that I had to wait for my document to arrive. I was quite confused since I did receive the document stating my payments of $1696.50 and they were signed and faxed. The representative further stated that he did not see any payments due and to “hold off” on making any payments. On 8/27/2017 I went online and still there were no updates. I planned to call on 8/29/2017 when I arrived home from work and I had a fedex delivery from nationstar/mr. cooper. Needless to say I was taken back by the language in the modification. The payments are different than I was told and signed for and the amount of my mortgage increase to $1723.94 in addition to “new money” in the amount of $15, 056.26!!! When I started this loan modification my loan balance was $204, 036.29 and now it’s $219, 092.53!!! The purpose for the loan modification was to reduce my mortgage and now according to your company I owe $15, 056.26 MORE!!! Due to the mishandling of my modification loan I have be jeopardized both financially and emotionally. My credit score went from 700 to low 500 my credit has been denied and some credit cards reduced my limits. All because of the unprofessional mismanagement of my loan. I can’t tell you how many times I called with concerns in regards to my payment and modifications and the negative impact it has had on me both personally and financially. Only to be told by the representatives that I didn’t have to make any payments until I received my “packet”. Or they didn’t see that any payments were due at all! And now to find out they your company had determined that I now owe and additional $15, 056.26!!!
I am demanding a full review of my account and also a rate addition to reporting to the credit bureau corrections about delinquencies! And can someone define “new money” – it’s certainly new to me and beneficial to your company. This is supposed to help people and all it did was ruin my credit and emotionally drained me.

I have enclosed again my letter dated July 5, 2017 to refer to.
I would like this to resolve asap. Because of many delays seems like I’m paying for the incompetency and mishandling of my loan. If you look at my previous payment history I was consistent with my payment now my rating is disastrous.!!!
How did this process help me at all???

I anxiously await your written response!!!

Sep 15, 2017
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  • Ti
      Apr 17, 2018

    They did me the same way. I filled all my papers out for a loan mod and sent them all the papers they asked for. then they would say that they didn't receive them. I sent them everything they needed at least 15 times and had proof they received them every time. they are liars. I hired a lawyer and Mr. COOPER/ NATIONSTAR even lied to the attorney and said they weren't receiving documents. This is a bad company. and when I make payments they are holding them and not posting them. they say I owe more money.

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  • Da
      Jun 18, 2018

    Nationstar called me in April of 2017 a Mr Proby telling, e to make all my mortgage payments to him, they put them in supence.
    Never telling me the truth at all about what was going on. He sounded like me best friend little did I know. With a balance of 33
    and 2 years left. After 18 years, how can the Federal Governments let this s happen

    President Donald Trump this is your opportunity to make America Great again

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