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Nationstar Mortgage / predatory lending practices

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nationstar mortgage
Nationstar mortgage's decpetive lending practices, loan modifications, and customer service sacams can be seen all over the internet, I am just one of many who personally sufferered, and am losing my home due to thie "loan modification" scam, adding unneccsary insurance, late fees, other fees that just appear, and no one can tell you what they are for. I could write a book about all they have done, including, when they were trying to call me, called my friend (who I guess I listed on my mortgage application) to try to get a hold of me, but then told my friend I needed to call her (the customer service agent) back because she wanted to offer me a job, acting like she was calling for a job reference. Also, after doing a loan modification, a month later getting a re-newed bill amount 2 times higher than what we had agreed on for the "modified amount", beacuse they decided to escrow our taxes, which we had been paying through the county. And, telling me, after calling the :hope now" program, and they referred me back to Nationstar, nationstar told me they "were not participating in this program". Like I said, I can go on and on, but I beleive that most of what they've done is either illegal, or unethical, probably both. Feel free to contact me amymiguel@aol.com


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N  1st of Apr, 2009 by 
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I can get just about anyone a loan Modification with nationstar. I've even had success getting mutliple modifications on the same propery. I have as of right now, 100 percent success rate. It not what you know, its who you know. Email me now and i can help. modificationexpress@comcast.net.

A  3rd of Apr, 2009 by 
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I am trying to get enough people to start another class action suit against Nationstar.
contact me
A  6th of Apr, 2009 by 
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My loan did not originate with Nationstar but with Fremont - Nationstar took over the loan after when the ARM became due. but proior to that, I spent a whole year paying interest only to a broker "to help me shore up my credit score" . I told the original lender that my income would be cut by a full third effective Decenber 2009 and later, my brother borrowed 3 months to pay in advance until the modification was worked up. Nationstar took no notice - they did a refinance but increased the amount owed for "legal fees" and the arm also adjusted. The new payment amount is wayyyyy more than I can afford on social security and pension which is the same since 1994.

Ya know what ?- something just stinks all the way to Washington, D.C. The very first group of people who should have been dealt with were those of us losing our homes due to the shady, unethical, immoral crooks called CEO'S, Bankers & Wall Street politicians. I am so dissappointed that our president did not at least endorse a moratorium on foreclosures until the mess could be sorted out. There should have been special investigations, people fired, and some sent to jail. Yep, something stinks and it ain't us middle-class citizens.
A  18th of Apr, 2009 by 
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Please anyone with Nationstar file a complaint with the BBB of Texas and with your state. This is the only way to put this unethical company and out of business. They are getting away with murder. I am doing a modification with Marc Bates of NationStar, what a joke. This guy actually threatned not to do the modification because he thougt I " had a tone with him" Thats real professional!
A  3rd of Aug, 2009 by 
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It seems like the same story every time. This company needs to pay for everything that they have done. They have taken us for thousands of dollars at this point. We are trying to refinance through another mortgage company and having big problems. Nobody wants to touch our loan after all of the negative problems that we have had with this company.
We just want to pay our bills each month and not have to deal with the harrassing letters and their BS stories that they give you when you have to call them for something.
We have never EVER been late on a payment, yet we still seem to get those lovely letters each and every month stating that we are late and the latest is a letter stating that if we don't pay our August and September payments we could be in forclosure. What the heck is that?? It is August 3rd today and the pmt is not due until the 16th and we are current on payments. Are they mind readers or something?!?! No... they are jerks (I'm trying to be nice about it).
Anyway... I am all for a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT... if anyone is interested. Let's get this party started!! It's time for them to repay some of the $$ that they are raping us for.
D  28th of Jan, 2010 by 
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The funny thing is that all of yall have to realize that if you paid YOUR mortgage on time accoding to the contract you signed then you wouldnt have this problem!! I think its hilarious that you decide to get on here and complain when you should be out working or trying to find a job and paying your mortgage in a timely manner. Find something more productive to do with your time. Not only do i pay my mortgage on time every month and never had a problem with Nationstar, I get to get on the internet and i get to look at all of yall complain when its ultimately your own fault. Anywho thanks for the laughs.

P.s. I believe Nationstar is expecting to take on some more loans so they should be hiring pretty soon
A  24th of Feb, 2010 by 
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You are ignorant "getajob2010". Nationstar loan officers lie and cheat people. They say one thing and put something else in writing. You should be able to trust a banker. When you are told that your loan is fixed that is what it should be. It has nothing to do with paying your morgage. You cannot even pay your bill online with these people unless you pay western union $7! Their monthly statements are very brief instead of detailed. I regret the day I ever got a mortgage with them, they are liars and scam artists that have hurt a lot of people.
A  30th of Mar, 2010 by 
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Talk about ignorant people... getajob2010 you get the GRAND DUNCE AWARD! I pay my bills on time and as a matter of fact... I pay them early. Nationstar bought my mortgage from GMAC in 8/09. Since then they have ask me to prove that I have insurance on my property 3 times. Which I have provided them with ample proof each time. In November my insurance company faxed, mailed and emailed them proof to the fact. Yet in January they decided to purchase Insurance for my property. We are talking in less than a years time they have made 4 mistakes. I am now at the mercy of the individuals in their INSURANCE DEPARTMENT to determine how much of a mistake they made... No telling when I will find out that answer! The inappropriate allocation of my escrow funds seem to be a BIG DEAL to me! I really would like to see the paperwork and actual fund transfers from their account to this so called insurance provider... I am extremely curious as to the validity of their claim to have purchased insurance on my property. Shouldn't I have been informed from the supposed insurance company? Mortgage companies like Nationstar seem to make their own rules and never follow the law. It seems to me to be another way to extort money from the people who cannot afford or wish not to fight a legal battle. I will post the results of the INSURANCE DEPARTMENT's findings...
A  30th of Mar, 2010 by 
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If we would just make the effort to unite as a group - we can get some relief and restitution.
Here are 2 people who indicated they would be interested in initiating a class action suit against NationStar.

Let's email them and get it going - We've get up and take a stand because right now the crooks are stealing our very homes left an right and not even bothering to wear a mask.

1) lktahoe4two@yahoo.com
I am trying to get enough people to start another class action suit against Nationstar.
contact me

2) akajbart@comcast.net
A  30th of Mar, 2010 by 
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Amy, you need to report them to the Texas attorney general. Please, everyone here that left a comment officially report Nationstar through the Better Business Bureau, otherwise they will keep doing this to innocent victims. I have already filed a complaint. I did a modificvation with them too. Two weeks later they raised my payment by $300 for escrow. I had never escrowed with them before and this was never mentioned during my modification process.
N  4th of May, 2010 by 
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This is a Class Action Attorney that i have sent my information to his phone number is (202) 625 - 4342. Give this person a call and tell him what has happened to you with Nationstar mortgage the fax number is (202) 330-5593
A  28th of Jun, 2010 by 
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I have been trying to get a loan modification for over a year now and have been western union the money with a modified payment and Nationstar Mortgage just told me that i havent been even pre approved yet! Where is the money going ? Its ruining my credit and everthing they ask for has been sent than they will call and ask for something else. Why dont they just ask for everthing all at once.
D  30th of Jun, 2010 by 
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If ANYBODY on here actually knew what they were talking about when it comes to mortgages then you might actually have a chance when its comes to trying to file a class action lawsuit. Ive been in the mortgage industry for years even before this horrible downfall were all going thru. What nobody realizes that inorder to get a Modification on your loan you have to be in a certain delquency status, in return you will also receive those credit hits because you are behind. There is no guarentee that you will get a modification because if they could give that promise then everybody that has a home would fall behind and try and swindle the Mortgage companies. Most people think that because they are financially strugling that they deserve some sort of help. Well this is the real word and you need to all grow up and act like the adults we are. In the old days if you fell 3 months behind they would kick you out of your home no if, ands, or buts. Now what i recommend you do if your looking for help contact Nationstar find a rep that you like and is willing to help you like i have and they will be straight forward and honest with you if you can reciprocate the same.
D  30th of Jun, 2010 by 
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Nationstar does what ever they can to get you in their web then they throw you to the wolfs!! They lie lie lie about everything! They are rude and stupid people! No one there knows what is going on with anything! Upper management is worse and the big boss won't even asknowledge any letters or emails that you send he's a real [censor]! And if you get a modification with them, when you sign it you sign away all your rights to sue them!! The woman we had lied about the income on the application, she doubled it and added some! We didn't find it out untill 6 months later then Nationstar was like uhhhh uhhhh uhhhh we are going to have to send your file to upper management and they did nothing! They stole my house, my mom lived in it for 58 yrs and she is 90! They didn't care, they would not work with us nothing! And we got the last laugh on Nationstar, they started our house for sale at $570, 000 and it just sold a year later for only $341, 000 They ate it!
Anyone and everyone with a problem with Nationstar needs to write to their attorney general!
N  2nd of Nov, 2010 by 
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seriously people if you are for this lets make a petition we are in the san antonio area please sign below and we can forward this to the state.

-Joseph Contreras/Mortgagee
N  13th of Dec, 2010 by 
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Nationstar is contacting my Kids about my loan. they write me letters, yet told my Kids I am deceased. i don't understand why they write letters to my Children and my Deceased husbands Sister. I contacted them. Told them of my situation due to the loss of My Husband's income. I am not DEAD!
A  13th of Dec, 2010 by 
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nation star should be sued for sharing information to other's about my debt.
A  2nd of Aug, 2011 by 
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We too are having a problem with Nationstar mortgage.Our payment has tripled since our modification loan. Our original payment was $231.00@ month and now it is $685.00 @ month. We are trying to get it paid off soon. My husband said something should be done about Nationstar. We are thinking about hiring an attorney to check into our paperwork and payment history. We ask for a payment history back in 1999, I asked for a payoff schedule of august 2011. They sent it to us. They claimed that our escrow increased. They also forced our insurance and taxes on our mortgage payment, even though we were paying our own insurance and property taxes. Something IS rotten in Texas.
N  19th of Nov, 2011 by 
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Well I have to agree with everyone here. They are a company that doesn't pay contractors who do work on homes they are involved with. I've been trying to collect well over $2000 for work that was completed over three months ago.
Next step is filing a complaint with the BBB, state attorney general and state real estate commission against this company and the realtor who ordered the work!
Just a quick warning. If you want to get ripped off then do work and deal with this company. If not, RUN very fast the other direction as quickly as possible!
A  4th of Jan, 2012 by 
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I aslo was taken in with this modifcation crap. My mortgage was with Sun trust which was sold to Nation Star. I started this modifaction 3 1/2 years ago with Sun Trust when my fiance was laid off and noticed how i was falling behind. Needless to say 3 years of trying to be modified pay this pay that in which nothing was applied to the loan.Then It was sold to Nation Star so all over again it starts fill this out file this so on and so on till they stop taking the payments only to find out I owe 28 months of payments according to statements but when I Call I owe 15 months.Now I am finally on a trial peroid in which my payment is $73.00 less then the original mortgage which I can afford - NOT - according to them I have to pay double payments cause of the lengh of time.Cool huh every 2 weeks i get a notice from them now I'm schuled for an Estate Sale and you know what my trial payment didn't even begin.

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