Nationstar Mortgage / (hamp) fraud

United States
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My parents lost their home of the last 18 years, because Nationstar sold their home while they awaited an answer regarding their HAMP application, without any prior notification, they did not know their home had been sold until October 2011. That's when they started receiving notices and phone calls from several different companies, all claiming to be the new owners, one even claimed to be holding their deed in his hand at that very moment. We immediately looked on-line to see if this could be true and low and behold, the deed was still in their name, and said nothing about anyone else. We figured out what had happened, though later on, Nationstar representatives had told my parents that in order for the HAMP program to work for them they would have to be a couple of months behind on the mortgage. They did as they were advised and it was then that Nationstar decided to sell their home (they were only 2 years from paying off) to Arcadian Investments. So no they were not getting HAMP, and if they wanted to stay they would have to "PAY RENT" to live in their own home. So now my parents, who worked so hard for their home, live in a tiny little single wide in a shabby 55+ mobile home park. And I am left with the question... "How is it that the supposedly helpful HAMP program is being used as a tool for defrauding people out of their homes" ? They are literally stealing and the new owners have received stolen property, this is, in my opinion... A CRIME AND THEY SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE !!!

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