National Enterprise SystemsIllegal Debt Collection Practices

On Thursday, July 9, 2009 the horror began. I received a telephone call from a man who referred to himself as Mr. Harvey Liebowitz, III.

He told me that due to late payments my Sears Citibank Card had been sold (On July 1, 2009) to a group of lawyers who were going to sue me the next (Friday, July 10) morning if I did not pay $6500.00 before 9:00 PM that very night. I told him my checking account had no money and I had no savings.

He kept calling me from 5:00PM until 8:59PM. I told him that I had no money and would not have money for two weeks. To make a long story short, he violated me with his abusive and deceptive methods. I told him that I am 60 years old, have lost all of my savings in the Stock Market and a fraud perpetrated against me. I asked for time to think because I was in a state of shock and I am trying to recover after surgery to remove a diseased kidney, and I have had a stroke. He became so angry with me I was scared that he would send someone to my house to choke me. He said he was going to charge $6500 plus a .045 % merchant fee on my American Express Card. He kept putting me on hold to "talk with his client" the group of attorneys. I found out that Sherman Financial had purchased the debt from Citibank, and hired NES to collect the money. Mr. Liebowitz was angry with me because he was missing the sports games of his children. He said they were all teenagers and he was letting them down because of ME. He told me I was stupid for being conned out of my savings. He said that I was "crazy" and that I'd better hire an attorney right away. He said I should be working instead of being a lazy ### watching television all day.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Solon, OHHe said he believed that I sat at home, watching TV and eating and that I was probably a fat slob. I left a message on his voice mail this morning telling him that I refused to let him charge this bill on my AMX and that I wanted a validation of the debt. He called me and told me that I was a fool for refusing to charge this debt. He told me that he would not send me a validation of the debt.
This company has never written a collection letter to me. It was like he was cold calling. Now this abusive man has my AMX card number and security information. I don't even know that he is a bona fide collector working for NES. I had asked to speak to a supervisor and he told me he "runs the place."
Because of his terrible abuse and scare tactics I have become more ill and today I had to begin peritoneal dialysis again.
Why won't these people just work with me and give me some time to pay the bill? I know that I need to pay it and I intend to pay it. I would not file bankruptcy. I am an honest person and I pay my debts as best as I can.
He told me that he had been emailing with the Department of Defense (my husband's employer) and that my husband would lose his job if I did not pay this bill immediately. And of course, he ended the call by saying that I'm a fat lazy slob who is crazy and that I had better let him charge my AMX card or suffer the consequences. He added that he did not believe anything that I told him about my illness. "People who charge their credit cards up and then claim illness are just ###ing con artists. I've heard it all before. You're all alike. Just a big pain in my ###."
That's my recent and total experience with NES up to this moment. I fear what he will do to me on monday. I'm too ill to have all that abuse and profanity.

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