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National Enterprise Systems / Bullying family members

1 NJ, United States Review updated:

I was contacted by Bank of America a few weeks ago and they claimed they were urgently trying to get a hold of my mother-in-law. My initial thought was that she might be a victim of identity theft. I was a little surprised that they had our number because we had just moved and our new number was unlisted. When I called my mother-in-law to give her the message, she said it was about an overdue credit card.

Next I was called daily by a lawyer's office until I eventually asked them to stop contacting me. I read up on credit laws online and learned that they have to quit calling family members and friends if you told them to do so. A few weeks went by with no calls and then yesterday I got a call from an employee at National Enterprise Systems. He was rude right off the bat and tried to bully me into giving him contact information and details about how I know her before he even bothered telling me who he is. I asked who he was, where he's calling from and why he's calling this number. He said it was regarding a "legal matter". I told him I am under no obligation to give him any information and I hung up. He called back and turned up the level of bullying tactics. I was just so floored by how he treated someone who had nothing to do with the debt in the first place. I wrote down the number and told him that he had better not call this number ever again. If I asked the initial company to stop calling, isn't that supposed to apply to the next company they hand the file to? Isn't that violating FDCPA laws? I imagine telling me that it's a "legal matter" suggests that he's pretending to call from a lawyer's office? I can't believe that they treat people this way. I also can't believe how they think the credit laws do not apply to them.

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      5th of Feb, 2010
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    As a former employee of NES I want to clarify that this company will take any settlement offer. For example if you have an account with Bank of America they say they will only accept 50% settlement offer. That is garbage. They will take anything. They can accept offers all the down to 30%, but if it is under 40% it has to be approved by Bank of America..which all the time it is.
    They are a bunch of hungry hounds there. You can talk to them and they say that "This settlement offer will not be good next week, you have to set it up today"..GARBAGE! You can call up at anytime and they will take your money. They are hungry money hounds and they are in it for your money. They push for you to set up payments by the 20th of each month because that is the closing date for commission checks. That is another thing..NES employees get nearly around 22% to 34% commission on accounts..depending on what state you live in.
    Another off subject topic about NES is the employees that are working there. From being a past employee there I have noticed the large amount of employees that go in the parking lot and smoke up there drugs, then come back in the building to collect. Kind of scary thinking that people who are under the influence of drugs are making phone calls to debtors and taking payments. Every employee that is hired by NES is "drug tested" which every employee that works there will tell you that those drug test results don't matter to NES. They will hire anyone at anytime! They have even hired individuals with criminal backgrounds. Only if the FDCPA and NES clients knew about this!

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