[Resolved] National Car Rentalrental charges and service

I am travelling for work and rented a vehicle from national in houston at the george bush international airport. The process was simple and I was excited to be able to just pick a vehicle.
Unfortunately the vehicle I chose would switch between standard and automatic so after day 1 I tried to exchange it. Without actually going into a rental location securing this change required no less than 6 phone calls to try and get a number to contact the rental counters to confirm if there was a car available. The customer service line would not call and I was given numbers that routed me back to the main customer service number rather than the actual location.

Once I finally got through I reached the doubletree location (The office is on the main floor of the hotel) they said to come in and they had a vehicle for me. I walked in, he took my original key and gave me the key to the new vehicle. I asked if I needed to sign anything and he said no. (#1 thing to learn - don't do that. Always get them to come to the vehicle with you. ) I got to the santa fe and when I started off I could smell dog and the vehicle was covered in dog hair. The inside of the windows were filthy. I was just grateful to have a vehicle I could enjoy driving so I bought windex for the windows and tried to ignore the smell and hair (#2 don't assume someone has noted that they have rented you a dirty vehicle. I did and have now been charged $150.00 usd for a vehicle I received filthy. Don't accept a vehicle that isn't up to par) I drove the santa fe for two weeks and had to extend the rental. I called in and asked to extend the rental and remove the insurance as I discoveredy insurance covered it. I was told the only way to remove the insurance was to go back to the airport (A 45 minute drive + parking) to redo the insurance. The lady refused to help in any way (#3 make sure you are only paying for what you need when you sign on the dotted line)
I returned the vehicle jan 20 2017 at 2:30pm. I drove in, a young fella gave me a receipt and asked if there was anything they could have done better. I commented "yes, clean your vehicles before you rent them. " I showed him the dog hair and explained how dirty it was when I got it. He assured me he would let the manager know. (#4 speak to the manager on the spot. Don't leave without talking to them)

Now comes the real fun. I received a receipt for charges of $1136.00. Then today jan 21 I have been charged 3 separate charges totalling $1846.13. I did not receive an updated receipt.

Call #1 to national: I ask what all the charges are and why I didn't get a receipt. Gent goes through my bill and tells me I was charged $150.00 for cleaning. I am angry and tell him I won't pay that charge and explain what happened. I ask to speak to a manager. I get put through, explain the situation and as the man continues to speak the phone starts to ring and i'm asked by an automated voice to rate the service. Yes, I was hung up on. It's important to note I was not yelling or swearing or being abusive in any way.

Call #2 I call back. I speak to agent #2 and have to explain it all again. I ask to speak to a manager. I get put through to the manager who tells me that they can't refund the charge for cleaning it has to be the place I rented from (The doubletree) then as he's getting me the number he hangs up and an automated voice comes on asking about my experience. (Nope you can't make this stuff up)

Call #3 - I talk to agent #3 and tell her I got hung up and want to speak to a manager. And no you aren't able to speak to the same person that just hung up. I speak to the third manager who tells me I have to speak to the doubletree and they will put the call in for me plus gives me the number to the doubletree. Explains the 325 in taxes i've paid over and above the 900+ rental fee. Then she says she will send me an updated receipt and does.

I hang up and realize that two of the charges on the receipt line up to my credit card online bill (And no these aren't pending charges these are posted charges) but two don't (Says they charged $775 and they have in fact charged $1032.00) so you guess it...

Call #4 - I try to explain to agent #4 that what the receipt says doesn't line up to what they have charged me. He doesn't understand and tells me I have to dispute it through my credit card company. I tell him no - it needs to be corrected by national and ask to talk to a manager. He says there are no managers on... I say "yes there are i've spoken to 3" he retorts "those are just escalation people" to which I reply "well let me talk to them. " he responds saying they won't tell me anything he hasn't and I insist on being put through. (Please note I have now been on the phone with national for almost 45 min at this point) escalation person comes on... I explain that what my receipt says is not what i've been charged. She looks at something and tells me the manager at george bush has charged some random charge but she can't tell what it is so I have to talk to the manager. She can't put me through but will ask that I get a call. I ask for the number and I say to her "will this give me the national counter at the airport" to which she replies "yes. "

Call #5 - I call the number I was just given and you guess it... It's another number for the same queue I just called 4x.

Call#6 - I wait, I press option 6 for the 6th time and speak to a gal. I tell her what happened. I ask for the number for the houston airport national counter and she gives me the same number. I tell her that is the number I just called and got her. At this point my tone is pretty terse. She comments "i am just trying to help you you know. " to which I respond "yes, I believe you are. I'd like you to understand though that you are now the 9th person i've spoken to, i've been billed for cleaning a mess I didn't make, i've been charged for some random charge you can't even tell me why and my receipt does not match what you show on my receipt. Oh yes, and you can't credit the cleaning charge instead I have to call or hope they call me back and I can't even get through to the manager at the airport. " needless to say she understood my frustration.

After all of that...
1. I've still be charged for a filthy car and a mess I didn't make to the tune of $150 usd which is about $230cad
2. I didn't get a receipt for any of the 4 new charges on my card until I called the 3rd time after being hung up on 2x
3. I was hung up on by 2 escalation reps and no one even apologized until I spoke with the last agent
#4. I have been overcharged almost $300.00 and all I can do is hope I get a call from someone at the airport in houston
#5 I have no receipt that actually shows what I got charged
#6 I paid almost half the total rental cost I taxes
#7 they will not allow you to adjust your contract without coming into the original branch
#8 all those calls and nothing actually got resolved.

Needless to say I will avoid ever using national again and certainly hope that they (At minimum) correct the overbilling. I will ensure that anyone I speak to about car rentals (I travel for work and pleasure) don't make the mistakes I did.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • National Car Rental Customer Care's Response, Feb 01, 2017

    Ms. Mudryk,
    We appreciate when customers tell us about their experiences, especially at busy locations like IAH. I see that my colleague, John, has added two free days of rental to your account and that our location in Houston has reversed the charges. If we can assist you with anything else, please send the full details to us at [protected]
    Thank you.
    Carol H.
    Social Monitoring Coordinator

Jan 21, 2017

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