National Auto Divisionharassing phone calls even after requesting to be taken off their list!

Ka Mar 31, 2016 Howell, NJ

This company has continued to call us about an extended warranty on a car that we have not owned for 3 years. One weekend in February we got at least 6 calls. When we picked up the phone, no one was there. We presumed it was an autodialer issue. After this, I answered the phone when they called again I told the sales person that I was not interested and not to call again, but they did not hear my last request because they hung up on me when they sensed a high level of frustration in my voice. I will admit that I was very upset and had raised my voice in an attempt to get them to listen. They continued to call. I answered a few times...same thing happened. My phone call history shows these calls: 2-26 at 2:52 pm, 2-27 at 1:02 pm, 3-10 at 3:30 pm, 3-11 at 1:12 pm, 3-26 at 10:26 am, 3:30 at 11:36 am and today at 5:12 pm. I spoke to someone in customer service after the sale person hung up on me on March 10. I asked to have my number removed from their list. He was very nice and said I should be all set. I did not notice that they called again the next day. I noticed that there was another call on 3-26 but I was working from home and couldn't answer it. Today I answered the call. It was a man, I don't recall his name. Maybe it was Eric. He was pleasant but started the conversation about an extended warranty about the VW that we don't have...again! I got very frustrated, raised my voice and was about to ask him to stop calling when he hung up. I redialed the number. [protected] - got a message that there office was closed for the day. I googled National Auto Division and called Customer Service at 800.430.4428. I spoke to Michael. He said that he would remove my number and that it would be 2 days to take effect. Hopefully this will be the end of it. Based on my experience, I would never do business with this company. When I did a white pages reverse phone look up for number [protected], it showed a telemarketer - possible spam.
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Kansas City, KS.

Many of the comments left reflected the same experience that I had.

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