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Napster / Stay clear of their company at all costs!

1 United States

I joined napster about a year ago, upon trying to sign-on to download music, it wouldn't let me into my account. About a week later I gave up after e-mailing them for help, the e-mails I received were generic at best, basically it said I had something set improperly in my P.C.

So I did what anyone else would do and cancel the free trial, well, I received an e-mail saying I had to do it in person over the phone, I e-mailed back stating it was all set-up via internet and I should be able to cancel via internet, so just cancel the subscription. Fast forward about one year later, I was checking my online bank statement and noticed a charge from napster, they were still charging my account and I didn't even notice! So I wrote them a nasty e-mail saying to cancel my account or I will seek legal help in the matter. Surprise, surprise, I get an e-mail saying they were sorry to see me go but they will cancel it, but then I check my online bank statement and they charged me again for their service, well I think I'm going to have the bank investigate it after all and contact the consumer protection. You see, I never used their service because I could never get it to work or a person from their company to help me, so I'm not paying for services not rendered or used, especially since I asked to cancel and they ignored my request and charged me anyway, napster is a scam in my opinion, stay clear of their company at all costs.


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