Nando'sproduct and service complaint

I visited oribi plaza nandos which is in port shepstone, natal of which I was very disappointed. I purchased 2x 1/4 chicken meals. The chicken arrived and it was soggy and the sause was just poured over the chicken covering almost the entire plate. When I cut through the chicken it was soggy with the jellish fat, and you could see that the chicken was actually boiled and place on the grill and served. Also seeing that the order came so quickly it was obvious. I called the manager (Indian man) and complained, showing him the chicken - asking him why this was not grilled and actually boiled, he said to me that the chicken first gets popped into an oven and then over the gril. What nonsense even if it does, does all nandos chicken gets popped into an oven first??? I would surely like to know and to also tell everone else, because as far as I am concerned, I paid for grilled chicken. This manager could not even be bothered, he knew that I caught him out.

May 19, 2017

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