Nando'sincomplete order delivery

Order nr Alette/5977 20/7/2017 18H03 - Douglasdale branch.
1 x nandos roll was not delivered with the Livers. I phoned as the delivery guy has left (did not check the order prior). Scelo promised to have the role delivered within the next 10 min. 1 x hour later I had to phone and query. Spoken to Manager. He aplogises. Not enough as my food was cold by then. The livers was hard and tasteless. I asked for mild, it burn badly, definately not mild, hot as hell. Food is quite expensive but it was the only delivery menu I could find at the time. My 2nd time I ordered from them. Food not tastefull.
I would like my money refunded. Manager offered to send me the role the next day. hahahahahah. sure, why not.

Jul 21, 2017

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