Nando's Chickenland / service and attitude from the from.

Hi. To whom it may concern. I placed my order thru delivery via the queensburgh branch, which went thru the main call centre at 17:54 and end my call with placing my complete at 17:58. They did inform me (I will receive my order with 45mins to an hour). After numerous times tying to call the number from the website, I got cut off. On the 18th time, I got thru just to get told my delivery is on its way after 1 hour and 30mins. 10mins from the call to a
So called head office, I got told that the driver is on his way. Driver delivered at 19:43, with no apologies what so ever and after that I call the store and got told an ear full from the so called management Mr Arden and vennesa that it's Friday and we busy. The call centre knows nothing about delivery and being busy. Is this the service we as customers need from the NANDO's group. So lame and so un professional. I await your response. Regards Mr R Govender Queensburgh. This Mr Arden needs a lesson in customer service before he attempts of being on the phone with a customer of Nandos. So un professional truEly.

Jun 01, 2018

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