Nando'schicken portions missing - so embarrassing.

On 07 July 2017, at about 19:10 pm, I went to Nando's Blackheath_ Cresta, where in I ordered a full chicken lemon & herb, cut in 8 takeaway. Within a short space of time, my order number was called for collection and the move was suspicious.

Upon arriving at home which is plus/minus 10 kilometers away, I was disgusted to find out that 2 portions were missing and one of the six portions was already half eaten.

I immediately called Nando's and spoke to Simba who identified himself as a manager.
After relating the incident to him, he asked me send photos of such which I did. He then promised that he will send the driver to drop off my order which he failed to do.

I'm calling to everyone, please watch out for Nando's Blackheath, they are Hyenas that eats from the customer's plates. Shame on you Nando's!

Jul 08, 2017

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