N1Wireless.comScam operation


I order and bought 2 �JawBone� headsets from "N 1 Wireless" ( on may13 2009 Order #: [protected]

Their website states that it is new and in original manufacturing package.

Additionally pictures on the page show original manufacturing package which is a nice plastic box.

Instead of that I received collection of bubble wrapped pieces in the plastic bag.

I call their Support line explain situation and was forced to get RMA number thru their website.

I was promised full reimbursement. N1Wireless issued partial reimbursement withholding TAX and Shipping.

I contact them again and was promised full remaining sum.

4 days later I found that they reimbursed only Tax.

I call them on June 11 and they told me that they did not reimburse shipping at all even if it is their fault disregarding of their promises.

Overall their business practice reflects pure scam operation:

1) They deliberately mislead customers providing false information about item condition.

2) They overcharge shipping 2 times over the regular price $20(versus when I ship back fully insured, with notification, 2 day delivery $10) with the same USPS carrier.

3) They refuse full reimbursement even trying not to return Taxes and shipping.

4) They did not respond on emails, their voicemail box is full and not accepting any messages and it is almost impossible to get some one online.

5) Searching their company review on the web show that this is their common practice.

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