N1 WirelessWorst company I have ever dealt with


This is worst company I have ever dealt with. I suspect it is a 3 person company who really do NOT care about the customer. I order 4 jawbone headsets (~$360) late december, reviewed all four about 2 weeks later (After picking 3-5 day shipping) They charged me more for shipping than originally stated. (Only $5 so so I got over it!) when I received the product 3 were functionally and 1 did not work. (I suspect these are refurbs marked as new!) It took me over 1.5 week to reach a person to get a return authorization. The online authorization did not work ( I tried 3 times!) I finally got in touch with someone and got the RMS code. I asked for a refund they said "no" not on headsets I said ok exchange and give me a new on. (This was hell to get them to agree given that it was past their 10 day return policy ONLY because they do NOT respond to their email or answer their phone- note you can't leave a message because their mailbox is always full!) Anyway I finally got the code sent item back and waited and waited and waited... Everyweek I everyday and reach a person I get the run around or get hung up on, I finally reach someone with brains "Jennifer" and she investigates the matter. She come back after being on hold for 20mins and said we found it, it took this long to get it processed because our tech guys had to verify that it did not work and we were backlogged, but we'll be sending out a new one 1st thing next week. (I reached her late friday!) I was supposed to get an email when it shipped.. no email I called and called and called.. Hung up on multiple times, was promised a call back several times which never happened I talked to someone claiming to be in power, manager he said the return was never received (complete lie!) told him that the item was found and that Jennifer said it should have been shipped out a while ago! I was the put on hold for ever and then mysteriously I get disconnected. Since then I keep getting the run around and when I ask to speak to Jennifer she is alway out to lunch or home or something.. I have sent emails to support (I once got a response saying sorry for inconvenience they will resolve the matter!) LOL I have even faxed then to inquire about my issue and no response!

I will be attempting to do a charge back on my CC but this was ordered in december so I don't know how my bank will handle it.. (I believe that is why they string u along for days, weeks and months!) They wear u done.. from calling every day, to every other day an and now only once or twice a week!

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