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Hi everyone
I read a story here about myus from some guy whoe complaint is kinda like me so read thisthis

I was chatting with this girl and asked her some few qns (live chat) but she just magically without telling me canceled my suite account and closed the chat but I didn't ask her to do so, i tried talking to other live chat person she claimed that it was cancelled because I have multiple accounts I told her its not mine its for my brother its just same name used because he used my credit card. she said no both are mine wtf man that's how you treat a customer? Like Im trying to send my stuff from my suite which has no any unpaid or anything just clean. but she claimed the other one(my brothers one) has unpaid balance so she moved packages to that account and closed mine like really? And I paid $10 for it bro..So does she think that will make him pay? Are you kidding me? And what's a point of transferring packages from one suite another ? Will that make him pay? I told her I want my a/c back ASAP if you won't I'm gonna leave negative feedbacks but she seems careless. I'm a customer service agent too so trust me I know these type of coworkers they never willing for work now I'm so disappointed people shouldn't go with myus these days. Myus is great but the hired people are worse (guns don't kill people, people kill people)

the story from other myus customer was

All started when I was looking for an US forwarding company to buy a birthday present (a projector) which was only available to americans consumers.
Alright so after few times I decide to deal with MyUs as they had a Times Magazine's article and an A+ as BBB Rating.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Florida, NYSo I join their service with the "Premium Subscription" ($27 USD) and add a request for the object I want to order...
First surprise: you have to verify your account with a random amount taken from your bank account. This process took 48 hours (while I was already late) and is precised nowhere (neither in the F.A.Q. nor in the Compliance Policy).
So after waiting 2 days, I finally have this amount and can verify my account.
Ouf! Will I finally be able to purchase the product? No way!
Even if while the request was in the "pending" status I have been promised that it'll get processed as soon as I will verify my account, it finally changes to the "cancelled" status without receiving any mail.
Huh... It's probably a mistake, let's check that with the live chat support.
please note that I had to wait few minutes between each answers)
So let's recapitulate: after wasting me more than 2 days, MyUs closed my account for "fraudulent activities" -while I am pure as the driven snow-, "hunged up" on me and had hell of nerve to insinuate that I AM the fraudster even though I correctly paid the subscription fees, had to deal with unexpected security measures and waited quietly.
Please note that I have been told that I'd get refunded all the fees but they only refunded me $24 USD over the $27 USD:
Just an advice: run away from them

Jun 25, 2014
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  • Sa
      Jul 31, 2015

    that what's happened with me too

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  • Th
      Oct 05, 2019

    This is my first time of using their service. A friend sent me a package to my suite and the package was received by them two days ago and I wanted to login to check if they've logded the package in my suit all I got was account can't be found. I went on to chat with their customer service live and they told me my account was cancelled. No emails was sent yet and no reason whatsoever. I'm a Nigerian I believe they're doing that because of racism or so but for two days now i don't know what's going on and how I'm gonna get my package.

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