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Or Yehuda, Israel
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When I started to subscribe to my heritage premium plus family tree builder program it included
1 unlimited data storage and unlimited synchronization with family tree on the website.
2. Unlimited data storage of photographs.
3. Unlimited number of articles to be uploaded in separate albums.
Suddenly under the guise of of improved program they removed the possibility of automatic saving of data by the program for storage on the website about a year ago. Then about two weeks ago I suddenly found out that tree synchronization had stopped. So I waited a few days thinking that may be they have problems on the maintenance of the programs then I wrote to them several emails receiving no response even a courtesy one saying we have received your email. Then I called them at the support telephone number 1-[protected]. The first call I was informed that the matter was being forwarded to a customer support agent. Not receiving any response I called them a day later and even spoke to the manager. They informed that they have decided to unilaterally change the terms of the subscription and they were going to limit the synchronization to only once a week. If you want more you will have to pay more. Today though I am paying for the premium plus program for the past seven years their customer support and service record has been horrible. I tried to call them again today as with nearly 46, 000 names and about 20, 000 photographs and 20 years of self financed research work invested this company has suddenly decided to hold me hostage and demand like gangsters more money for the services that in the first place are a part of the program/subscription I purchased & have been using for the past seven years.
I have just reviewed the complaint record of this company on the internet and you will find that this company have completely no work ethics.
See additional information I have posted on site jabber on the internet.
Request your assistance in getting proper service from this company.
Yesterday I spoke to the support agent complaining about change in terms of subscription unilaterally, in an ongoing and old membership. The main aspect is that tree synchronization was suddenly made unavailable and removed from my ongoing subscription. When I spoke to them the supervisor said that they have changed the terms of the policy and that in order to continue they were limiting the number of synchronization to once a week. But in the mean while they have completely stopped the service and yet they have deducted the yearly membership fee. On a three year renewal.

With no response over a total of 4 days I tried to call them again to find out as to what has been done. I got their office but after coming to number one after a wait of nearly one hr a recording comes on that the offices are closed for the holidays and to call again. A few minutes later on the second call I had the same experience. After nearly on hour of hold. What festival is there today 16 jan 2017.

Looks like the company has put my number on a blocked list and have created a factious holiday.

This israeli company are great scam artists - unreliable in service and do not honor the terms of their subscription as published by them - unlimited data entry no restrictions on synchronization for the premium plus subscription.

Today I discovered that one of the persons I invited to be a member and access my website is not able to enter the site even though I get a message that the invitation is successful. .

Another scam.

Nissim moses

  • Updated by Nissim Moses, Jan 17, 2017

    Today I had a self initiated meeting with Two Members of My Heritage and arrived at an acceptable compromise to the Problems I complained about. Thanks to all concerned for helping and arriving at an acceptable solution to the problem as a result I withdraw my complaint

Jan 16, 2017

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