SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / gift card fee - illegal in my state but charged anyway

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Several years ago I was given a gift card for $50. It has an expiration date of 02/20, and it's only 2017, but when I went to use it it doesn't exist.

The customer service rep (Kat, ID#0580) at [protected] said after 12 months there's a 2.00/month activity fee charged, so after 3 years, it had a zero balance. However -- these fees are illegal in my state (MA). When I told the rep this, she said "we don't follow those rules."

I had this happen with another Mastercard gift card, and they agreed that the fees were illegal, apologized and credited the fees back to the card. Kat at mygiftcardsite told me my card was now worthless and I was out of luck. She gave me a generic Mastercard phone number to call, but at this number they basically told me I'd been brushed off and said I needed to speak with the issuer.

Mar 13, 2017

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