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Quite possibly the most ridiculously pathetic customer service experience I have had in my almost 6 days on the planet. They clip read "steal") nominal (2 dollars I'm) monthly inactivity fees which is in fact duly noted on the back of the card. However, their customer service experience is subcontracted through a vast network of practically useless personnel that are absolutely limited by rules and regulations that they themselves cannot understand.

For example, I called the number on the card, AFTER verifying a whopping $2.61 balance on my Visa gift card at the The reason? I tried to use the card for a cup of coffee and it was rejected at point of sale.

When I spoke with the rep I was told that I could not be assisted unless I provided the original dollar amount of the card. What?!

I asked to speak to a manager. She was also unable or perhaps unwilling to assist, speaking repeatedly of "policy", and adding that "they" service over 500 gift card lines as if that was supposed to mean something.

I ditched the call and decided to write this long sad story in an effort to get the word out to other would be hapless victims.

My advice: use your gift card as quickly and completely as possible in order to avoid any attempt at a decent customer service experience with my gift Not gonna happen.

Dec 05, 2018

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