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We got this gift card for our 10 year granddaughter obviously over a year ago. She kept it in the original package until she had saved enough other money to get a ipad so she has been saving for quite a while. Imagine her surprise and disappointment when she opened it and we went to activate it. Then, we find out that UNDER the packaging was a thing telling us they charged her 2.00 for every month she did not use it for over a year. So, her 50.00 card is with 34.00. I think this is deceptive practice as if you are going to do that, it should be PROMINENTLY marked on the outside of the package, not hidden under the packaging. I called and was given 1 month (2.00) back but this is a plain ripoff. I will NEVER use this service again and plan on making sure as many people as I can realize what a ripoff this company is. If I had known this, I would have just given her cash.

Mar 27, 2017

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