MyFlightSearchBogus booking fee charged

I called what I thought was JetBlue to search fares for a flight for my son to come back from Florida before IRMA hits. When I told the rep "Ricky" I was going to call Southwest to check fares he insisted he could do that for me. He basically quoted the same price but because I use Southwest most of the time I said okay to them. He then told me he would send me an acknowledgement that I had to accept to get the flight. There was no breakdown on the fare just the one price. However, when I tried to acknowledge the system would not accept the acknowledgement. He proceeded to call me back several times insisting that I acknowledge. He even wanted me to stop driving my car to acknowledge. I ended up emailing. However, I now see two charges on my account one for the flight and another, $201 for their booking fee??? This was never communicated to me. It was lumped in with the total fee. This is a deceptive company and I am requesting a refund of the excessive booking fee.

Sep 07, 2017

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