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My Hughes Net / scam, horrible service

1 United States

I recently was sucked in and got hughes net. After 2 weeks I canceled ( still in my 1 month trial) because it was horrible. After canceling with them it has been worse than the internet. No on said anything about returning the equipment myself?! A few stray debits of a few dollars went through on my account from them but it was no more than $8 so I didn't think anything of it. Then after being without them for 2 and a 1/2 months they charged my account $315 (2/11/10) When I called them to find out why I was being charged this they told me it was because I had not returned the equipment in the 45 days that they give you. I explained to her that I did not know I needed to return the equipment myself and I was told that I should have called and asked them and that it was my fault. In the end they extended me a week or so to return the equipment. When the received the equipment and if it was in good condition they would return my money immediately.

After figuring out how to get on my roof and remove the antenna from the satellite dish, risking radiation poisoning, I was ready to send the package to them.

Of course I did a receipt of confirmation of delivery and insurance on the package. Now when the receive it they tell me that they haven't days later. There is no record of it. When I tell them I have a confirmation they "find" the package. Now they tell me that it will take 30 days for them to find out if the package is in good condition and then they will refund $300 of the $315. Also if the package is not in good conditions they will NOT notify you... Thanks hughes net.

10 days later after receiving the package I call back to check on the status, let them know that I am not going to forget about it. They tell me that they still haven't received my package. We go all through it again, and again mysteriously they find it.

Now they are telling me that they are not going to return me my money because I am not under lease they will not give me a refund. I was mad at this answer and I could barely understand this person so I hang up and call again.

This time another representative tells me that it is 7-10 days to process the package. 30 days to check and make sure it is in good condition, and 30-45 for the money to be debited back to my account.

So at least the last person told me that I would be getting my money it is just now going to take a lot longer than I first thought. I want to file fraudulent charges on there behalf with my bank, but I am trying to work with hughes net. I only have 90 days after the charge has been charged to my account to file fraud.



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