Muslims4marriage Dating Sitescam / rip off - fake profiles

Site seems very shady, and very expensive - sadly i succumbed to signing up but was bombarded by replies from women from other countries that just wanted to come to the US. Very sad... I got several replies from women who supposedly lived locally only to discover they really live in morocco, egypt and indonesia. I suspect many of the profiles are fake, best to just avoid this site. Even when you sign up it seemed a bit odd that you literally have do describe who you are and who you are looking for in less than 800 characters, a real shame! Their search feature doesn't seem to work either... almost like the site put together very quickly if you are a man and go to advanced search and use the defaults, change "living in" to 'united states', then go to "have children" and set to 'no' - nobody come up in the search - this is telling enough! Dont use this site... total sham. There are a bunch of other reviews out there on Site Jabber - wish i would have found these first and not wasted my $ and time on the muslims4marrige site. I fond it quite odd seeing listing of so many "white muslims", but be forewarned... none of it is real...

Jan 20, 2015

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