MTNporting of number

I went to mtn in stoneridge to port my cell phone number from cell c to mtn. Cell c stopped working within 2 hours, yet mtn did not activate after 24 hours. I went back to the mtn shop, where they agreed the mtn sim card issued by them was faulty. I had to wait another 24 hours for the number to port to the faulty sim card, than mtn would do a sim swap. Nothing happened ant I went back to the mtn shop in stoneridge, where the sim card was replaced. Another 24 hours passed and mtn still failed to activate my cellular number. By now it was monday and thus a working day. Again I went to mtn stoneridge for the 4th time, where a puzzled staff now had to rely on a call centre to have it sorted. The number had now to be ported back to the old cellc sim card, for than to start all over again.In the meantime 7 days have passed and mtn has still not been able to port the number back to the cell c sim card. Which means my number has been deactivated for 7 days which include 4 working days. It is hard to understand that mtn is incapable of solving this matter and sadly I can only conclude they are not interested in customer service at all.

Feb 05, 2015

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