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MTN Customer Care / absolutely no support from mtn for a faulty brand new nokia cell phone

1 Eastgate MTN, Kempton Park, South Africa

It is with utmost disgrace and frustration that I am doing this mail. My wife renewed her cell phone contract during early october 2018 and a nokia 6.1 phone was issued. The phone battery did not last for 2 hours and the phone had to constantly charged after a few days the phone was returned.

So let me share my brilliant client experience and fantastic client care experience

1. We had to wait 3 hours in ths shop for the contract to be renewed which was a fantastic experience with mtn and a system slow resaponse was blamed. So stuff the poor client and usual mtn experience prevailed. Most proably the usual mtn staff culture.
2. Next day and we travelled to the store and we had to wait another hour to collect the phone
3. Most proably not im[ortant but we pay for my dad's phone as well and unfortunately we did this at mtn
4. The phone was then send to your repair centre who is also staffed with a bunch of people who cannot tell the truth afterr 3 weeks we phoned the rerapir centre or shal we call it the centre who enahnce mtn client experience. We were told that the phone was full of scratches and they will not repair or replace the phone the phone was returned to the shop with the highly competent staff who did not bother to help us as per the mtn client service culture
5. Upon receipt of the phone with the so called scarathes the phone was inspected and no dents scrathes were found by the staff.
6. Well to cut a long story of a great experience short the same problem about the battery started
7. I returned the phone to the shop
8. Now 2 weeks later and the phone has not yet been send to the repair centre

1. Will you be happy if you got a new phone and after 2 months no joy of usage?
2. Will you be happy to pay for a contarct that has no value?
3. Will you be happy to ripped off and allow yoiur money to be stolen from you?

1. Cancel my mtn contract for both phones and refund my money and

I deeply regret the day I walked into the eastrand mall mtn shop and will be an evangelist against mtn forever

Let me know what crooked new strategy you going to follow if any to rectify this
Cl botha

Dec 20, 2018

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