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Ugh. What is wrong with people? Seriously, something is wrong with people these days. So this morning I was on the Q37 bus. Everyday I see people in a shoving/racing match to get off the bus ASAP once it reaches the last stop. I always get caught in it and get shoved and every morning I wonder what the heck people are rushing for especially since the moment they get off the bus, they move at a snail's pace. So what's the rush? Anyway, so this morning as we pull into the last stop, I was situated at the front of the bus. If I didn't move, I was going to get trampled by all the people who love to engage in the "Race Off The Bus." We JUST pulled into the stop. The door JUST opened. I started to move. I guess I didn't move fast enough because before I knew it, I had an indian woman to my right already elbowing and shoving me and then someone else behind me with their hand on my back pushing me. Oh My God ... what the heck?! So I paused and said "hey! don't push!". Well the indian woman had the audacity to claim that I pushed her. Hmm yeah ... I think someone was on the bottle a little too early this morning because it didn't go down like that. Then she started all kinds of cussing. I said "It's early in the morning ... it's the LAST STOP of the bus ... we're all getting off the bus ... why do you have to push?!" All she kept saying was "you pushed me! I deserved to get off the bus first!" And of course after getting off the bus ... she walked at a snail's pace. People ... what the heck? I mean seriously, why do people feel the need to shove? For heaven's sake ... it was the last stop of the bus. The bus driver isn't going to lock you on the bus and not let you off if you aren't off within 5 seconds of the doors opening. There wasn't even a train in the station by the time we all got down there ... the platform was full of people. *shakes head* Good Lord.

I just don't get it. The sad thing is, this is going to happen all over again tomorrow. and the day after that, etc.

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  • Mc
      Dec 04, 2012

    Honestly its not just the shoving. In actuality the bus service itself lately leaves a lot to be desired. Lets talk consistency...well its consistently late and during rush hour this service has 2 buses coming at the same time instead of spaced out as it should be. This morning. I just missed 2 that passed and waited 30 minutes. By the time I got to Liberty Ave there were 4 more buses one right after the other. Pity the poor fools that had to wait if they missed any of those. This is a pattern "Where are the Supervisors" one supervisor I met was in denial " they have 23 minutes to get to Union turnpike" NEWS FLASH...ITS NOT HAPPENING... The line supervisors and bosses need to be accountable to their customers. They are there to provide a service and monitor their drivers, all of which they are doing nada!!

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