MTAnew staten island express bus route changes

If I could give a negative rating, I absolutely would. Why were these changes made to an already working system? It makes absolutely no sense to have not on bus riding up the east side of the city and take away so many stops in Staten Island. Whoever came up with the bright idea to do this is an absolute [censored] and doesn't give a damn about Staten Island or its residents who rely on riding the express bus every day. I've even spoken to the bus drivers themselves and they all say that they weren't consulted about what changes need to be made. If anyone would know about the best way to make changes on a bus line, it would be the drivers who are on the routes every single day.

Thanks to the idiot head honcho for the absolute confusion you made to a system that ran just fine. You've succeeded at adding another level of stress to an already chaotic and stressful commute.

Go back to the suburbs where you came from in Canada.

Nov 27, 2018

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