Mr Rooter Of Roswell Georgia / Rip off

Roswell, GA, United States

Horribly overpriced and tryed to fix what is not broken. In short they wanted $2323.23 for replacing a water heater. They wanted $1128.25 for a 40 gallon water heater. I can get a better spec'd water heater at Home Depot / Sears / Lowes for $400. Another company fixed/replaced everything, plus fixed my toilet (new guts, new water supply valve) for $950.00. They also spent too much time trying to pitch a service contract membership. I simply laughed. While they were out here, I googled "Mr. Rooter complaints" and found this board. I read through this stuff while this guy was compiling his estimate. I told him about the complaints I read, and that he did exactly what everyone else complained about. I told him also that I could get a water heater for $400 and he began telling me how their Flame Guard is better and last longer, and wasn't available to the public (simple ploy so you can't compare the pricing). Flame Guard is made by American I believe, which makes a similar brand for Sears. I asked if it were better, why lower spec, and why an identical warranty. He simply didn't know what to say. All I can say is that these people prey on uniformed consumers. Thankfully I had my smart phone handy!

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