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Moving Kingdom (aka Empire Relocation) / Worst customer experience ever

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It literally took getting a Department of Transportation agent inside Moving Kingdom's (aka Empire Relocation) office to get my belongings out of a hostage situation. On pickup, once they had the van loaded they MORE THAN DOUBLED their estimate.

Unfortunately, this was a sign of more bad news to come. I was knowingly lied to on a daily basis about the delivery status of my belongings for three weeks straight, being 'assured' time and again that my truck would be leaving 'tomorrow.' As the days rolled by, the talk got tougher: I was extorted, threatened, and yelled at by various employees.

Once the shipment did arrive--well beyond the stipulated delivery timeframe on the bill of lading and almost a full month after their estimated delivery date--every piece of major furniture was damaged and in several cases broken outright. Several boxes were mysteriously missing, as well as the back of one of our bookcases. Again, the only thing that got them moving my things was the fact that the DOT had to investigate the hostage situation.

Another fact: their license was revoked (for the second time) on Jan. 2, 2007 and they performed our move without insurance and proper credentials.

The best part of my experience with Moving Kingdom? It's over.

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  • Ch
      13th of Mar, 2007
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    I posted under another complaint named United Moving (which is the same).

    My original move was quoted at 400 for pickup 400 for delivery. That went up to 711 for p/u when the driver arrived and told me the *extra* items I was moving were not listed on my contract. Funny thing is in my original email they were - but since the drivers showed up a day late - I being on a time crunch now and due to plans could not only NOT get another company but could not get a uhaul I had to pony up. Reviewing original emails -all the items WERE listed.

    Moving forward - items are loaded finally we leave. Items are to be in storage from Nov 21 until Feb 27th. With the month of Dec being my one free month.

    I speak to the company in Dec to confirm deliver at the end of Feb. Jan - I get a call frantic the hispanic gentleman who barely speaks english and will not identify himself by name says I have to have delivery IMMEDIATELY. The company is going out of business (even though they are still take contracts - have had 7 friends act like they were moving now and get them online).

    They will not even let me leave work they call every 5 minutes harassing me. I set up delivery.
    I am not told delivery costs. I keep getting the *driver* will let me know.

    Truck breaks down I get a call they wont be there Thrs. Then I get a call wont be there Friday. Then the calls stop. Finally a truck shows up Sat. The driver Reggie tells me of whats been happening in the company. I am talking to him on phone as I am out of town for work and having my mother sit for delivery. I wrote a blank check. They wouldn't take the check and took my belongings. Moving forward to my next update:

    UPDATE -

    This is to update the complaints against Moving Kingdom also known and owned as Empire Relocation Service based out of Florida.

    Items were delivered but company would only take cash. Because cash was not available they scheduled a redelivery date. Upon scheduling this date I was quoted yet another price for delivery. All said and done this delivery was almost 2,000.00$ when the original delivery prices were exactly 711.00$

    Al is not the owner as he states Henry is - who mysteriously also owns a LARGE variety of other *moving companies* you can research these at

    All seemingly are housed under the Empire name.

    ITEMS - mostly all broken damaged and destroyed. Antiques that have been in my family for almost 150- 200 years are scratched beyond repair. My great grandmothers bed from Ireland which has been featured on the television show - Antiques Roadshow and valued at over 15k$ was so deeply gouged chipped broken and marked, there is no way to repair it. Luckily these items we have personal insurance on, but can not remove the pain in our hearts. Our insurance company is also filing suit with several other agencies in the state of Florida for fraud. These companies have shill names assigned to insurance policies that do not exist. We have found one company that currently is insuring them but were told our items may not be covered as the contract was with MovingKingdom not Empire. I explained to the lady that they are one in the same and that Empire took the load because supposedly Moving King- was going out of business. She cant make heads or tales of who is who and the insurance company is stating they may have to deny the claim. Luckily I have found an attorney here in Georgia who has one other client that had trouble with this company and is looking at the several violations.

    The day our items were delivered - the Dept of Transportation showed up to "Al's" home/office regarding several complaints. Apparently people are beginning to take action.

    I have several links and also the named insurance policy holder contact information for these two (same) companies. Please make sure you enter your email address correctly when contacting me as I have tried to email people back, but get an undeliverable due to wrong address.

    Please be aware - this company has violated several laws.

    100% law - transporting items across state lines with out proper registration insurance or license - price gouging - shill names - fictious business LLC and documentation etc.

    They use extortion to get you to pay more holding your items hostage until you agree to cash or easily hidden funds to pay their terms.

  • Ji
      27th of Jan, 2009
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    This has a new owner and is in no way affiliated with any prior issues and or complaints. You may verify this at or and major internet register company as a new owner.

    Please be advised of this.

    Jim Tyler

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