Motel 6unethical behavior

Myself and my best friend checked into room# 252 double beds. The stay was pleasant and beds were comfortable. We woke up Saturday morning July 21 around 11 am to be ready to checkout at 12pm.
In the midst of us gathering our belongings, I left my wallet on the first bed under the covers by accident. It was not noticed until about 45 minutes to an hour later. I called the front desk and spoke to the young later on the morning shift who checked us out. At first she stated she did not know who turned it in, then when I got there, I stated who I was and that I came to pick up the wallet I left behind. She stated she tried to call, but I never received a call from the hotel.
I told her to give the five dollar tip for finding my wallet to the person who returned it. I did not open my wallet right then and there because I was just happy to get it back. When I got back to my vehicle. I opened my wallet. I had one credit card that I had not yet activated stolen and $ 157.00 in cash stolen.
I went back in the lobby where I picked up my wallet from lady and I told her I know I could not prove it, but someone stole the cash I had in my wallet. I told her the exact denomination 1($100 bill folded 4 times), 1($50 bill folded 4 times) 1 ($5 bill folded 4 times with a yellow bird on it in the corner) & 1 ($2 bill folded 4 times). She looked shocked, then stated she firmly believes that the guy room attendant would not steal, even though at first she stated she don't know who turned it in.
She could not and did not say anything. I felt so violated. I just stated to her that God will deal with the person who took my money. They were honest for turning in my wallet, but not one of my cards and cash money.
Thanks Ms. Tracy Beverly

Jul 30, 2018

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