Motel 6 / toilet leaking

After finally getting our television fixed after probably two hours after check in we went sight seeing, just to come back and find our toilet was leaking (from a faulty wax ring). Brought it to the front decks attention to be told there was nothing they could do because all of the rooms are full. We had also, in the process of getting our television fixed told them that our room doom didn't close all the way on its own. The next morning we talked to the manager and asked for our room to please by mopped due to the raw sewage that leaked from the toilet was on our shoes and tracked throughout the room. We were told that the toilet would be fixed and the room cleaned. (floor mopped)
Upon arriving back to the room approximately 5 hours later to our disbelief our room door was wide open. The deck clerk said the manager was the last one to leave the room and she had gone home for the night.. I also noticed that the bed spread that had fallen on the floor was used to make the bed and not changed!!. I know it was the same one because I had dripped a little mustard from my sandwich on the bed spread. I ask why was the floor not swept or mopped, the clerk did not have an answer but did say she will make a note of it. So this morning 5/29 we were going out to sitesee one last day and ran into the manager. We first let her know about how our room was not mopped. Then we let her know how our door was left open for hours the day before and she put the blame on the maid. Arrived back at the hotel around 3ish the room and the floor was finally cleaned. It took three days for things to be done the right way.
Very disappointed in the way things handled

May 29, 2018

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