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The Manager Here at Motel 6 Claremont asks for sexual favors when a female guest is asking for discounts. He sleeps around with the female guest and passes dirty comments. Wondering if some one can take actions against him. Not all the women likes to sleep around. It's disgusting that someone with a higher position would use his powers for his personal pleasure. It's such a nice motel but the manager degrades the property. I hope someone from corporate can do something about this.
I do not want to reveal my identity. So please my name shouldn't be mentioned to any of the staff or owner.


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      Apr 17, 2018

    He got me jumped by his employees
    He also used to prey on female guests kicking them out if he didn't get what he wanted
    Put me and my kids on streets many times for No reason
    Got many people's kids taken by cps as well as showed mistreatment of African American families
    But mainly took advantage of female guests
    If you have experienced these things e-mail me at [protected]
    I give u my number so we can speak

    It needs to be brought to light

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