Motel 6 / hotel compliant - motel 6 woodway (waco), tx

This hotel is terrible. I will not recommend it to anybody. we stayed a week and our microwave did not worked. we were sleeping with blankets with holes in it. When we asked for another blanket we never got it. We were told by the front desk they did not have any more blankets. The room service was lousy. We will come in at night into the room to find the beds were not made, we did not had one clean towel to take a shower, nor any soap, nor toilet paper. The hallways had an awful smell and also the room as we would go in. We could not sleep during the night because we will hear hammering or some type of construction work above our room. There is no breakfast offered, only coffee. When I approached the housekeeping lady one morning she was very rude. One night we came in and the toilet almost flushed where the night clerk had to come in with the plunger. Next morning it was not right, and they came in and told us it was because we did not pushed the toilet level right! We asked the front desk for a refund, she told us the manager was not there for us to come back later. At that time we booked another hotel and went back later to speak to the manager as we were told. He was not even there..the same front desk lady told us the manager said he was not going to give us any refund! We are staying another week in Waco at a hotel that is only $10.00 higher a week than Motel 6 at Woodway, Texas. We get free full hot breakfast. Hotel smells nice. Our room is wonderful as well as room service. Do not make the mistake we made when we went into Motel 6 and did not shop around. It is a rat hole!

Nov 26, 2017

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