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On November 12th my husband and I stayed at Motel 6 Ventura on Johnson Drive. Earlier that day prior to getting the room we had sold a vehicle that we owned to somebody through Craigslist the sale went great and we parted ways which led to us getting a motel room at Motel 6. About an hour into our stay we got a knock at the door and we looked out the people and it was the two gentlemen that we had sold the vehicle to, we were shocked to see them at the door and it appeared as though they were not happy, we did not discuss with them what our plans were where we would be going or anything like that so we had some concern. 5 minutes in to the knocking it became more abrupt the knocking turned into pounding and then demanding and then threatening, we called the front desk and ask the lady at front if she had given out our room number to anyone and she said she did not still concerned with these people still knocking at the door I'm pretty upset at this point they indicated that we had 5 minutes to answer the door and that they would be back so when it was clear that they were gone we rushed to the front office and called the police, the police said if it continues to call them back so we hung up the phone and we discussed with the front desk lady the possibility of hiding out in another room temporarily until the cops came which we have done. When the cops came day treated us like we were criminals when in fact we were victims who were scared and my husband who's on probation has Search terms so the officers exercise their right to search the room. Upon doing so they came across some drugs and drug paraphernalia which day pinned on my husband and arrested him and myself, meantime the hotel front desk had called us and said that we needed to move our things out of the first room that we were in and we responded saying that we did not feel comfortable to go back to that room and move our stuff seeing as how these people were out there lurking so they said okay will call you back and they never called back but they had gone ahead and removed all of our belongings from that room the original room which was 111 and stored at somewhere in office and that's when we were arrested and also told that we were not to come back. When We Were released from jail the next day we returned to the motel to pick up our belongings and my vehicle and that's when I noticed that my tires were slashed I reported this to the office and they said that they assure me that it's an unrelated isolated event which is not true because in addition to finding my tires slashed as we were sitting in my car those two men approached us again they had stayed there overnight in their cars waiting for us they pulled their vehicle up in front of mine and blocked us from leaving and begin to threaten us explain to them that we did not have their money we were sorry that they were unhappy with their purchase that we had gone to jail and that we just wanted to be able to leave and that the police have been notified and they let us go because of my tires being slashed I was unable to leave with my car so I left it parked on the property for yet another night when I returned the next day my car had been broken into and several items had been stolen out of my car. Also when we picked up our property there were things missing including money that we had left in that room we do not have a chance to grab all of our belongings we left at room in a hurry out of fear for our safety . I would like this situation looked and I would like compensation due to the loss of property money humiliation and bad treatment and for allowing my vehicle to be vandalized and stolen out of under the circumstances that were out of my control I have made a police report if you would like that documentation I'd be more than happy to provide it. The employees at that Motel or unreasonable uncooperative dishonest and absolutely rude and quite devastating to experience they did nothing to help us they did not tell the truth to the officers and I believe that plays a part in the initial treatment that we received from the police when they responded to our call we have done nothing wrong whatsoever and I understand the complexity of the situation and I just hope that you will take into consideration that these things do happen to people and it did happen to us and we're not bad people we're simply having a hard time in life and wanted somewhere safe and comfortable to relax and that did not happen I feel that you're Motel Guest Services gave up our information as to what room you're in and that usually jeopardize our whole evening cost us over $800 to bail out of jail for drugs that were not ours we had only occupied that room for 15 minutes tops we have no belongings in that room other than ourselves like I mentioned before this was only a temporary thing while we waited for officers to come

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Nov 16, 2017
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  • Po
      Nov 17, 2017

    Unfortunately you do not have any proof that the front desk gave out your room information. Additionally, Motel 6 is not legally responsible for any damages to your car or any property left behind in the original room. These are standard hotel/motel policies.

    Please consider using spacing for new paragraphs in the future.

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  • Te
      Nov 17, 2017

    I figured i might get a few lames who have no lives an nothing better to do then metal in other ppls lives and comment about things they know nothing about...
    Please consider looking up the meaning of ignorance and get familar with the meaning because its talking about you. No class no brains thats why you ended up working for motel 6 earning $10 an hour. How about you leave the adult business to us adults ok [censor]

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      Nov 17, 2017

    And as it happens i do have proof i didnt leave my belongings they were removed without my consent i was a paying customer at that time whos rights were violated and i have a top lawyer handling the lawsuit i have filed against you people..Tracy and whoever you are you messed with the wrong [censor] and i will have your job you ignorant trader . at the end of the day your still just a drug addict loser who sold out. [censor] you

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