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I am a 100% disabled Navy Veteran filing for Social Security due to extensive injuries. I am filing a formal complaint and Vote of no confidence against Attorney Michael T Reese from Morgan & Morgan. He needs to be put on unpaid administrative leave immediately and disbarred preventing him from ever practicing law again.

From January 2016 when he agreed to pick up our case and represent us through July 13, 2016, Mr. Reese not only has not done anything or filed anything on our behalf with Social Security. His office actively engaged in telling us to wait and do nothing. Misinforming us. He has never contacted us personally. His staff has only sent me one blank email in-between January and July. In March my case was supposed to Be brought before Social Security. Because of the Attorney not filing before the due date, Mr. Reese and Morgan & Morgan cost me my date, court case and two years of backpay approximating $20, 000 despite me submitting consistently since 2014, and the attorney have a copy of that in his records.

Mr. Reese has not commented with his staff or myself. Nor has he ever since we acquired his representation in January.

He has done absolutely nothing but cost us our case and made me start over from the beginning twice with Morgan and Morgan. Who have only giving me the run around since January and now knowingly just dropped me.

Mr. Reese does not need to be practicing law if he can’t even represent a 100% disabled Navy Veteran with 20 years of medical evidence stating that I am disabled. If he can’t do that, he doesn’t need to be representing anyone.

Morgan & Morgan passed me off to an attorney in Florida when I live in Tennessee. They waited six months. Told me to send in documents and then when I spend the money sending boxes of sensitive and important medical paperwork pertaining to the case (actually making less work for them), they secretly drop the case and tell me several days later that they dropped me effective July 25th 2016.

This is absolutely unacceptable. Mr. Reese and his staff need to be put on leave of absence immediately.

He needs to never practice law again.

On July 13th, 2016 - 4 months after the deadline - Mr. Reese’s assistant Nicole Smith called me and harassed me for 6 hours, blaming me for being late and not submitting paperwork. This is the first time I have even had a phone call since January. Not only did I have no idea what she was talking about because neither they nor Social Security had called me. But I didn't know my case had expired. Ms Smith and Mr Reese, not only would not help me but refused to file an appeal and even asked me to send paperwork supporting my claim. I did so, and with the mail being in route they dropped my case.

Ms. Smith and Michael T Reese and their their supervisor knowingly mislead me, withheld dates and evidence, refused to call Social Security and waited 3 months to tell me that my case was closed.

This is unethical, sneaky, unprofessional, and just plain wrong. They misled us and told us to wait, how could I know they were wrong? I could only do what they advised me to do. That’s the point of having representation. I have email documentation as well as a witness to these facts.

Not only has Morgan & Morgan not represented me in any way, but they cost me $20, 000 and countless hours of work and stress.

Aug 01, 2016

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