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Hello my name is Rachel Poole I am a client of Mark Lambert who practice law out of the state of Tennessee which is works comp. An it is hard to get into contact with him an his paralegal James Laws which I've had about 2 others Laura an Adam, but anyway I see him once when I decided to go to his office an I talk to him about 5 time an my case been open since June about 3 weeks ago I call and he said my case was in DEMAND an he'll call me I owe a loan company that he knew that let me borrowed 2, 000 but I have to pay back 3, 000 by Feb 14, 2018. I feel left in the dark not knowing nothing about my case at all not even knowing what my "DEMAND" letter said not to mention I ask him was my 4 children gonna have a good Thanksgiving an a Christmas he said yes but still nothing an Thanksgiving is next week. I just wanna know what's going on with everything am I winning will I be able to get out of debt in time cause since my accident at work an them firing me because I got injured an was going from work 7 months (which wasn't my fault) has made it a problem plus this mess left me with a 5 inch plate an 6 screws in my right ankle. I been leaving him voicemail asking him what to do because my ankle has started acting up on still no response. I guess Morgan & Morgan are not for the people. An I still don't know how much my case is worth I'm not greedy I'm just needy because I have a family an if y'all get in contact with him tell I just wanna know what's going on with my case. If not I'll find another law who cares an will get the job done an I also know on not his only client

Nov 14, 2017

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