SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Do not do business with them if you can avoid it

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My fiance ordered a cake set (2 beach chairs and 2 fence package) for our wedding cake. The style was wonderful but one of the chairs had a knot-hole which made the chair look very poor and would not be acceptable on display on our wedding cake. I politely requested them to send us a new chair that did not have any knot-holes. They wanted me to send the chair back, pay for shipping back to them plus shipping back to me for a new chair. I asked repeatedly if I could speak to Cheryl (she was the one who responded to me initially) on the phone but she never provided an opportunity to do so. I politely requested that they send me a chair in acceptable condition but they refused and eventually told me that my emails would no longer be replied to. I cannot believe the way that they treat people. It is absolutely unacceptable. Do not do business with them if you can avoid it.


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