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This company is a complete JOKE. I was the victim of three fraud charges from company Paylogic USA Inc. out of New York which I have no contacts in New York and had no knowledge of this company. $254 was taken out of my account as pending charges Contacted their customer service number immediately which is outsourced call center to India. The rep told me to contact the merchant; well that did little good as they are located in Europe. Sent merchant email then told that they would work with bank to investigate but confirmed we have no business with them. Rep also said would send fraud affidavit; never received; imagine that. Sent fax dispute letter, mailed certified letter to their office in GA second day mail; NO RESPONSE imagine that. I have contacted the CFPB(COnsumer Financial Protection Bureau) and filed complaint as this company needs to be addressed for WHAT THEY ARE NOT DOING. I plan on contacting Walmart corporate to let them know what their supposed payroll service to doing to their employees. I doubt that this company will address my issues but don't want others to go through what I have been. Putting my direct deposit in with a real bank as i am out $254 because of a fraud charge that my pay card company did not care to investigate

Jan 31, 2017

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