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Ive noticed a withdraw on my account back in July, of 89.00 a week later they did credit it back to my card, and I had no idea they had posted that money back to my card until I suddenly checked my account. A few days later the same company took that money back off of my card, I then contacted money network for another dispute and another card. I was told to place the order for a new card first then give a call back to submit the new dispute, which I did. Once I received my card which was 5 days later, I was then told they were going to send out a dispute form and I would have to fill out that form and send the form back which I did immediately after I received it. Three representatives had informed me that it would take 3-4 days for days for them to process the dispute and the money to show up on my account, while a few other representatives acted as if they were totally lost to what dispute I was speaking of, I had one representative who tried to tell me to submit the dispute all over again which I was not pleased with because this process had already been long enough. Last week I was informed that they had received my dispute form which I sent back thru email Tuesday 8/8/17, well today make 6 business days and I have still yet received anything nor do they have any updates. I'm very frustrated and disappointed, and is considering to open a real checking account. I have been a card holder of money network since 2014. I really think it's time to retire from them, this has been such an unpleasant situation


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      Aug 19, 2017

    Good morning maam, this is the correct process for dispute. You will receive a dispute letter within 3 -5 business days after you call customer service. You should fill up and fax the letter back with in 10 business days to be eligible for the provisional credit. For the provisional credit, there is no exact time frame for that.You will be receiving a letter if you are eligible or not to receive the provisional credit. Once the office receive the dispute letter, they would investigate it within 45days - 90days and would inform you about the result.
    I know your upset about the dispute maam, but its not a valid excuse to post this matter most especially if its not clear. Be honest Maam, if you didnt understand the process, just ask them. They will be explaining it to you in detail. You should not be mad, instead you should be grateful that Money network is trying their best to solve the problem.
    Did you ask yourself if its the money networks fault that theres a problem in your account? Its your fault right. You should be responsible for your own card. You should be responsible for your own card.

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