Monarch Dentalortho addtional charges

Back in 2008 we were given an bill for the total amount (our portion vs. what the insurance pays) for my son's braces for a 27 month treatment, the Total was $2700.00. We had the option of paying up front or monthly, we chose to pay the total upfront. Now with 3 month left to go on my son's treatment, my son has decided to go into the military and have his braces removed early. Monarch agreed that my sons treatment would be complete by the end of April and would not need the 3 additional months of treatment, Monarch agreed to remove them on April 20th of this year... so you would think no problem right?...wrong, My son just had an Ortho appointment (his last before having his braces removed) and was told that he had to pay for services rendered but not paid or they would not remove his braces on the 20th, they told him they sent a bill out a few days ago, we just received it this morning in the mail, and the bill was for the balance of what Monarch is losing from the insurance company for the 3 months of services that Monarch is not going to render, plus they already have the three months of our portion which I wasn't concerned about...We tried to reason with them stating the obvious, that they were trying to bill us for services not rendered, they changed their story and stated that there was an increase to the treatment rates this year and that is why we were being billed extra...this is not the case as clearly stated on the the invoice we received, it states, that the insurance was not covering the remaining three months, so we were being billed...what a can a company bill for service not rendered and still expect to get paid...this would be like going to a restaurant, ordering a steak dinner, getting meatloff because they were out and still expecting you to pay for steak...never, never take your children to Monarch for braces...the sad part is I have a younger son still going through treatment for braces with Monarch (at the half way point), we are stuck with them for now, and we expect to get more bills for additional services for him as well even though we paid up front...horrible!

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