Mobily / unauthorized charges

Saudi Arabia

I load a 10 sar then make a call for twice or thrice then some sms, then in every call or sms I made, there is an automatic reply from mobily company how much is the remaining balance. That is a very good service. Right. But when I did not make any calls nor sms and the provider is still sending a reply in every minutes, hours telling that you have a deduction of 0.15 sar deduction in which I did'nt use, is a very, very, very bad services. May I request that you should make a check in your provider, why this thing is happening? My number is +[protected]. This is what it is written in the screen of my cellphone. “last call cost 0.15 sar. Remaining balance is 1.75 sar …. Etc….” make an appropriate action on this matter.
Thank you in advance.

Oct 21, 2017

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