Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africa / poor sim swap service

witbank, South Africa

My cell phone was stolen on October 16
On October 17 I went to the closest mtn shop (code 0658 )where I was told that I had to do a sim swap only to be told that they could not do a sim swap as their system can not do that.
They then sent me to another mtn shop (code 1367).

After waiting for a long time while they punch all the data into the system I was told to wait 2 hours and then register the card.
4 hours later the phone still did not work so I phoned mtn customer care, they told me to return the sim card to the mtn shop.
I returned the sim card only to be told that I can only do a query after 24 hrs.
The 18 th went by still the phone did not work.
On the 19th I went back to mtn shop (0658) to see what was wrong.
Some time after 9 am the shop opened by now a few customers were waiting at the door.
One person then started helping the customers, after waiting a long time I was told that they could not help me, that I had to go back to shop(1367).

At shop (1367) after waiting forever while they did their typing on the computer I was told that they would contact me before the end of the day
It is now after 13:00 and still no phone.
At 17:00 I went back to shop (1367) once again I was told that they could not do anything and that I just had to wait.

On the 20th still no phone.
I returned to shop(1367) once again they did their typing thing on the computer and told me I had to wait 2 to 24 hours to see if the phone starts working.

21 st. I phoned mtn customer care, once again they said that they could not help me and that i had to return to the shop...

it is now 11:00 on the 22nd still my phone is offline...
please please what am i supposed to do

Oct 22, 2017

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