Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africa / pathetic service

South Africa

I have been a subscriber of mtn for more than 10 years I did an upgrade on the 17 August 17 today is the 21 september 17 i havent received my handset I have been calling MTN daily wanting to know if they have contacted their warehouse to send information to DSV so that i can have my phone but they have been rude and stubborn saying my matter has been closed and i have been given a reference number to follow up with dsv ref [protected] their tel number is [protected] which i have contacted them on numerous occassion and i have been given the same answer.
I then called the call centre wanting to cancel so that I can go to a nearest mtn branch and request them to call the call centre and do cancellation, i did exactly that but the call centre agent told the sales rep that my phone has been invoiced.
I then called the head office and assisted by Pat Maimane who keeps on promising and asking me to call her after 30 or 20 minutes cause she is still busy with something.
when I call after 20 or 30 minutes she cuts me off

I am not sure why should i be frustrated like this chase dsv for my phone cause i have a contract with mtn not with DSV .
Mtn keeps on blaming DSV

all I want is them to cancel the upgrade to enable me to go to the nearest branch and do an upgrade please.

Sep 21, 2017

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