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Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc. / multiple mitsubishi electronics 62 diamond micro display dlp hdtv big screen problems

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I have been a devoted Mitsubishi Electronics customer since 1998 when I purchased my first Mitsubishi 50” Big Screen TV. However over the past two years I have been very unhappy with my 62” DLP Mitsubishi Electronics Diamond purchase.

On February 4, 2005 I purchased a Mitsubishi Electronics 62” Diamond Micro Display DLP HDTV Big Screen (my third big screen since 1998). On February 19, 2005 the set had to be replaced the first time due to a software issue. Three to four months after my purchase I started to notice spots on the screen. Thinking the spots were on the exterior of the Diamond Shield I cleaned the screen without seeing a big improvement. I decided to leave it alone for the next few months because I didn't want to remove the Diamond Shield and I figured it was just a build-up of dust due to static electricity. I could no longer take the spots on the screen so I removed the Diamond Shield and cleaned all the surfaces. I re-installed the Diamond Shield, turned on the TV and to my surprise I didn’t notice any difference. I called the store where I have purchased all my Mitsubishi Electronics products and arranged a service call to inspect the TV. They sent a service technician out to inspect the TV in January 2006. He proceeded to take off the entire screen and point out the dust on the small mirror in the front of the TV. He cleaned the mirror, reassembled the TV and the picture was great once again.

March 22, 2006, three months later the spots were back and it was obvious that this was going to be a never-ending cycle. A technician was sent out again to attempt a repair. He disassembled the TV again and attempted to repair the mirror. This time Mitsubishi sent out instructions from their technicians on how to make the repairs.

In September 2006 the spots were back. Mitsubishi insisted that the TV had not been serviced correctly in the past and wanted to try again. I agreed only if they agreed to replace the TV if the problem came back. The repaired was AGAIN attempted in September 2006.

In January 2007 the spots were back. Mitsubishi this time has been impossible to reach. I believe it is a stall technique used. I have spent over 10 hours on hold over the past three days trying to talk to somebody in level 2 support (the only people who can make a decision). The one time I spoke to Julio in level 2 support he told me they were going to replace my WD-62825 with a WD-65831. He was going to start the paperwork and call me back within two hours. I am still waiting for his call. This replacement was acceptable to me; this would be a Diamond for a Diamond set. When I spoke to somebody in level 1 support the next day I was informed that they would only replace it with a lesser model now. I have been unable to reach anybody at Mitsubishi to explain the change. I do not agree and will only accept a diamond for a diamond.

I consider this issue to be a design deficiency and would expect “THE LEADER IN TELEVISION TECHNOLOGY FOR MORE THAN 25 YEARS” to stand behind their product and correct the problem.

I have made the following Mitsubishi Electronics purchases since 1998, and estimate that I have spent over $22,000.00.

11/29/98 Mitsubishi 50” TV VS-50703
11/29/98 Mitsubishi Hi-Fi VCR HS-U590
12/04/99 Mitsubishi DVD Player DD-4000
12/28/00 Mitsubishi HD Dish SRSD200
03/06/00 Mitsubishi MGA Stereo MVR900, MS200 & MR50705
01/31/01 Mitsubishi SRSD50
03/13/01 Mitsubishi 55” HD Ready TV Platinum Plus WS55857
03/31/01 Mitsubishi HD Receiver SR-HD400
03/31/01 Mitsubishi Rack MR-50705
12/23/03 Mitsubishi DVD Player
02/04/05 Mitsubishi 62” Diamond DLP Big ScreenWD62825
02/04/05 Mitsubishi 62” Matching Base MB62825
11/11/06 Mitsubishi LCD Flat Panel HDTV LT-37131

I do not consider this acceptable performance out of Mitsubishi Diamond, “A CUT ABOVE” and if the truth were told neither does Mitsubishi Electronics.

Navigate to web site to view pictures of what is required to attempt a repair. Click on the Mitsubishi gallery.

I purchased a Mitsubishi Diamond because I wanted “THE NEXT LEVEL” in picture and TV performance. This has not been my experience and Mitsubishi refuses to correct the problem. Replace the TV LIKE for LIKE Mitsubishi. I have had two years of excuses.

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      31st of Mar, 2009
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    cnet has a board devoted to DLP problems by Mits and there are tons of them.

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