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I have used Mitchum smart solid many times, I changed to another for a while then returned to using Mitchum and during that time something has happened. This product states that it is an invisible solid and that it has an "unbeatable white residue prevention" . This is rubbish, ive used lynx solid deodrant which in spite of it being white on application never left any marks or made me feel like ive put glue under my arms. Mitchum has ruined many of my t shirts, some of which ive only recently bought. It leaves a heavy waxy and hard residue which does not wash out and over a few wears actually appears to bleach the under arm area of the tshirt. The other problem I find is that it has a sticky feel under the arm and if you raise your arms it literally feels like my hair is being pulled. So all in all ignore the sticker on the packaging which shows a picture of a tshirt with a sign on the arm pit insinuating ( if thats how you spell it) that it will not leave marks because I have at least 4 tshirts with hard feeling waxy bleached looking patches under the arms. I am only annoyed because its not the cheapest promises the most and delivers only destroyed tshirts and sticky under arms. Oh also I developed a very painfull under arm rash whilst using it which ive never suffered before. May not be the product but stopped using it and syptoms have gone. To be fair though its very good as an anti perspirant so if you have serious problems maybe its worth the wrecked tshirts and sore under arms!!!

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  • Da
      Aug 19, 2009
    Mitchum Smart Solid - Breaks half way through
    Mitchum Deodorant
    United States

    When Mitchum first came out with Smart Solid, I was pleased. I am in menopause and this deodorant works fabulously. However, half way through the tube, the deodorant sticks breaks. I should have known better, and been through after the first, or at least, after the second tube. Nevertheless, I bought this product four different times and it broke each time. I would like to receive some type of restitution for these purchases.

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  • Nj
      Sep 16, 2009
    Mitchum Smart Solid - Deodorant
    United States

    I just started using mitchum smart solid and i am very disappointed. The first solid i used kept breaking off. I tried another one in hopes it wouldn't occur again. However, the second one was worse than the first!! Why does it keep breaking apart? I would like my money back for at least three solids asap. Goodbye for now.
    Nj caplan
    99 moore ave.
    Worcester, ma 01602

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  • An
      Sep 16, 2009

    take them back to the store you bought it from

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  • Pr
      Nov 03, 2009

    I have used Mitchum deodorant for many years - the previous formula was the best.
    This new Smart Solid feels sticky.
    I have not yet seen how it affects my clothing, because I had quite a few of the old ones to use up first.
    I would like to complain to the company.

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  • He
      Jul 30, 2010
    Mitchum SmartSolid Deordorant - Deodorant
    Pleasant Prairie
    United States

    Products crumbles when using.

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  • Ok
      Aug 01, 2010

    My 10 year old son had odor issues and the fancy name brand deodorants did not work. I then elected to buy him so Mitchum. It worked well for him. I then started using it. Mitchum stood tall working for my son and I. Well, I started to noticed that it was browning the underarm area of my white t-shirts and white dress shirt. My white dress shirt that I spend $195 is now ruined. I am 36 and I have never experienced this before. All my white shirts are now ruined. Even bleach will not repair my white shirts. I am very disappointed.

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  • Pa
      Jul 05, 2011
    Mitchum Smart Solid - brakes aways
    4094 county road #2
    RR3 Gananoque

    I recently purchased mitchum smart solid for my husband when I should of bought one from the dollar store it would more then likely be better. The first time he used it, it started to brake away not small amounts they were about the size of a quarter braking off. Not worth the 6.49 I paid for it. Take my advise and stay away from this type od anti perspirant/deodorant.

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