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We placed the order for my daughter's prom dress on 3/28. The 'expected' shipping date said 3/30. On 4/4 I called because we did not receive a shipping notice, it was then I was told that they wouldn't have the dress until 4/12 so we should have it around 4/17 (4 days before prom). One of the managers I spoke with told me that the 'expected' ship date didn't mean anything...sure wish I would have know that prior to placing the order. That same manager also told me if we wanted it sooner we should have entered an earlier 'event date' when we placed the order. Really??? Anyways, I finally get in touch with Anna who is a manager also. Anna seemed apologetic and acted genuinly concerned. She promised that they would receive the dress from the designer on the 12th and she would waive the 1 day shipping charge to get it to me. Since she was totally different than the smug people I talked to earlier I took her at her word. I called Tuesday (4/10) to make sure everything was still on schedule and was told yes. I called back today (4/13) expecting them to tell me the dress has been shipped to us but instead they told me they don't know where it is. They said it still could be at the designers or it could be in the process of being shipped to them. So with prom 1 week away I am stuck having to buy another prom dress. Of course they will not refund the money we spent already. I was told if we don't receive it by the event date I can request a refund and that will be forwarded to management. I should have known better than to by something online without checking the reviews but I thought they would be ok since they were on the list of Jovani sellers. Only spend your money with this company if you really don't care if you receive the item your are buying!!!


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