Mirraw online shoppingdress (order #m704372242)

January, 2017. I ordered 2 dresses, stitched to my measurements. Their company policy is not to accept returns on stitched items. However, one of the dresses was very poorly stitched at the collar. It was all crooked and the front finish was jagged. It is so bad that I cannot wear it.
I asked to be able to send it back either for a refund or for them to fix the collar and send back to me. They refused to fix or refund, and only wanted to give 30% credit for future use. I do not want to have to buy another item from them when their quality is so bad, even if they give me 30% discount. My loss on this bad dress is 100%.
They should either change their company policy to accept to pay refund if the item sent is bad quality and their fault to begin with, or fix the item they ruined!

Mirraw online shopping
Mirraw online shopping

Jan 17, 2017

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