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Miracle Skin Transformer / Return policy

1 NYC, NY, United States Review updated:

Product was misrepresented. When I received and tried it for a couple days, it did perform up to their marketing--it actually looked pretty awful on my skin. I replied to the email I received that contained my receipt that I wanted to return the product. It cost over &50.

I received no reply for two days and emailed them again. Finally received a response to find out that the product had to be returned within 5 days! I spent two using the product and 4 trying to correspond with them on the return. How handy for them-they refused my return.

Do not purchase from them unless you know and are prepared for their punitive, restrictive and unusual return policy.

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  • Lu
      5th of Apr, 2011
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    I also bought the Miracle Skin Transformer. I bought 2 different shades because I wasn't sure which would match exactly (I'm medium skin toned African American)...when I ordered it, in the comments, I added that I plan to return the one that didn't match my skin toned. Unfortunately neither color worked.. I emailed them the next day and no response. I've emailed them 5 times within the specified 5 days and still no answer. I called and left messages, still nothing. I'm currently disputing the charge with American Express... I find it ridiculous that they've sent me several emails since to promote their products, but still no one's responded. Now I'm stuck with 2 items that I don't want.. at $98 total I refuse to keep them so I plan to fight this one out.. Purely on the grounds of principle!!!

  • An
      7th of Dec, 2014
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    I'm glad I read about your experiences--I hope you can get your money back!

    I didn't actually purchase the product, fortunately for me. I was curious about it, though, so I looked up the online offer. What a joke...

    I just LOVE the way they throw these small prices out there, with the qualifier of "today"! In the online offer, you only pay "$3.95 today" (the shipping charge). This makes it look like a FREE trial instead of that wonderfully ambiguous "RISK-FREE" type of “trial”. But in reality, if you confirm your purchase, you’re authorizing two charges for $69.95 to be billed to your credit card.

    How many people will take the time to scroll down to see the "Satisfaction Guarantee & Offer Terms Info", which is sort of hidden in plain sight, in a shaded box, with more ambiguous info in a VERY small font.

    If you’re wary enough to scroll down, and maybe zoom in (I needed to zoom to 125% to read it), you see that although you're only being charged $3, 95 TODAY, 30 days after receipt of the product, you'll be billed $69.95 “if you’ve kept the kit”. Then, 60 days later, you’ll be charged another $69.95.

    Now, about what it means to “keep the kit”, I really love this line: " I just have to call within 30 days of receipt and return the Kit within 2 weeks to avoid being billed any additional amount."

    Wait, what? Return the kit within 2 weeks of receipt, or within 2 weeks of calling?

    I'm guessing that it means two weeks after receipt, so prospective customers (marks?) think they have 30 days, instead of 14, to get the charges cancelled, because that's how much time they say you have to call. My guess is that if a customer called within the second half of that 30-day period, they MIGHT cancel the second $69.95 charge, but I’m pretty sure they’d say it's too late to reverse the first charge, because two weeks have already gone by.

    What a scam!

    Sorry about the rant, but this type of thing REALLY PISSES ME OFF!

  • Ma
      31st of Jul, 2015
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    SCAM: Yea I just got the mirical skin and canceled it right away to not avoid the repeat payments three months later. Was told I still owe the $84.78 on top of the first payment of $42.39.
    When ordering these product initially they said nothing about the additional payments for the first shipment. But in order to cancel the future shipments I had to pay the balance of $84.78. After I said no way should I have to pay that, because was never told about additional payments when initially ordering the product. Then the operator kept lower the balance. After multiple offer she offered me a final balance of $47.68. And I thought ok fine five dollar more ok, even though I felt reaped off. It might be cheaper than sending it back. The ol bait and switch. Once they have your card number they can say what ever they want. I'm really shocked that this bait and switch scam is still successful and legal.
    Bottom line don't order unless you like scams. I'm mailing it back right away. It's a principal thing.

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