Minecraft/moneybookersfraudulant cc charges

Ordered a laptop table in jan on amazon and now have $26.95 charges for minecraft through moneybookers and now more smaller charges are appearing on my cc, amazon I believe was hacked before and I guess with all the millions this company makes they still hav, nt learned their lesson to spend to protect its customers I and my entire family will never use amazon again an we will also be cancelling our online amazon accounts. Now I had to cancel my credit cards and have no cc to take on vacation. Everyone this has happened 2 pass the word its the best way to inform ppl hit up facebook an twitter an tell all to stay away, an maybe amazon will do sumthing and spend sum money on keeping their consumers safe, but its to late 4 me an my family amazon has lost alot of money from us, we all cancel accounts and never use amazon again, yes it is the hackers but amazon is just as bad they can afford to have firewall encryption people to monitor these this, but they obviously dont since so many of us are being robbed by thieves that in no way should be able to access our credit card numbers or amazon so called protected accounts.

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